In our hospital, coronary angio, stent, balloon placement, coronary bypass, heart valve surgeries, aortic surgery and aneurysm, congenital heart surgeries and peripheral vascular surgeries are successfully performed with an expert and experienced team in the cardiovascular surgery and cardiology clinic.


Our Medical Oncology department at Meddem Hospital, treatment and follow-up plans of patients diagnosed with cancer; With the support of the relevant surgical unit, Radiology, Pathology, Internal Units, Radiation Oncology and PET CT Unit, it serves the people of Isparta and the region within the framework of a multidisciplinary approach.


Obesity is a disease that affects systems such as the cardiovascular system, respiratory system, hormonal system and digestive system in the human body and paves the way for many important diseases. Various therapeutic approaches are available, including low-calorie diets, drug treatments, behavior modification, and exercise therapy. However, the only effective method in the long-term treatment of obesity is surgical intervention.


The Check-Up service performed in our hospital examines the entire health history of the people and examines them together with age and gender screening tests, and possible disease risks are investigated. With recommended lifestyle changes and treatments, people can maintain their health for many years.



In the beauty center of Meddem Hospital, it is aimed to provide safe service to our people with the principle of “prioritizing health” with its experienced staff specialized in this field.

Laser Hair Removal and Medical Skin Care procedures are carried out in cooperation with the Expert Esthetician. Our expert estheticians offer laser hair removal and medical skin care services.

shutterstock_17854462 (1)WHAT IS IMPLANT?

Implant application provides better speech and chewing function and a natural appearance on your face compared to traditional veneers and prostheses.